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The General 100™ is a 4- or 7- member team running relay covering 100 miles of beautiful, challenging terrain beginning in Kennesaw, Georgia. The course primarily follows scenic country roads winding its way through North Georgia’s historic sites to the finish line in Ringgold, Georgia.

The race route faithfully parallels the railroad from Kennesaw to Ringgold following the route of the famous “Great Locomotive Chase.” On April 12th, 1862, Union soldiers stole “the General” locomotive and several train cars in Big Shanty (Kennesaw) and headed north for Chattanooga. They were quickly pursued with a separate locomotive, by hand-car and finally on foot by the General’s resourceful conductor.

Only 1 team member will take the road at a time. While this individual is completing his or her leg of the relay, the remaining team members will travel by vehicle to the next timing station/exchange point.




Assemble your team. Find a few friends as crazy as you are and convince them that they need to come to your sweet pizza party on September 24th in Kennesaw, GA! Then, when they show up, tell them you were kidding about the pizza and instead they'll be running in an all-night 100-mile relay race across north Georgia. What's the worst that could happen? Your team will need to consist of either 4 (marathon distance) or 7 (standard distance) teammates.


Choose the team captain. To do this, we recommend a good 'ole fashioned bout of king-of-the-mountain. Round up your teammates, find the nearest hill-top in your area, and fight for the top! Show no mercy! Sweep the leg! Once that has been settled, and the individual with the strongest nordic viking-like genetics has proven him or herself victor, he or she will serve as your team captain.


After all of the boring planning and team strategy has been developed, it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor by running all day and night! Ahhh...a nice, relaxing run through the foothills of the Appalachian mountains across north Georgia along some old railroad track where some train chase took place a long time ago or whatever.

So leave the kids with Grandma, strap on your boots, and pack your ruck sacks!


As with all races, safety will be our number 1 concern for the General 100 Relay Race. Since a portion of running will occur at night, we will have common-sense safety requirements for all runners.

Any runner or team chooses not to follow our safety requirements at any time during the event will be immediately disqualified from the race. Safety is too important to risk injury to any participant.

Oh, and if you hear banjo-music just keep on running. Seriously, you might want to pick up the pace a little...

Click here for a list of safety requirements.


All proceeds generated from the General 100 Relay Race will benefit The Evitt Foundation. The Evitt Foundation is a 501(c)3 based non-profit organization in Ringgold, GA that promotes child welfare and education.

In 2004 The Evitt Foundation was established to honor the memory and legacy of Ringgold Telephone Company founder, Jim Evitt Sr. During his lifetime, Jim Evitt Sr. was not only just the local pharmacist, a Catoosa County Superior Clerk, and entrepreneur; but he was an instrumental part of numerous projects that made Ringgold a better community.



Historic Kennesaw Depot
(across the street from the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History)
2829 Cherokee Street NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144


Clark Park
Robin Rd
Ringgold, GA 30736

Click to view more details such as distance and elevation changes for each race leg.

Please be aware that legs are subject to minor changes. If changes are made to exchange points, maps will be updated accordingly.


Making this run as smooth as possible is going to take a lot of help from volunteers. We will need as many as we can get to help out with things like bear-fighting and snake-wrangling. Or, you know, more common issues like keeping teammates on schedule and assisting with directions.

Volunteers will receive a really swell General 100 T-shirt. For more details or to sign up to volunteer, send us an email.


For more information about the General 100, please either reach out to us via email or on facebook.

Oh, we're also on the twitters too....and the instagrams.